If you haven't seen this fantastic Rokenbok inspired Thriller video you should. It'll put you right into the spooky Halloween state of mind. This one of a kind spooky Thriller adventure features a fleet of ghostly Rokenbok construction machines shot all live action with only two controllers. 

I caught up with the creator of the video, Noah, and he explained this inspiration behind the Jackson Thriller tribute-

"As a five year old I was obsessed with the Thriller video. I watched it over and over and over. When I found out that the ROK star controllers could control multiple vehicles at once I immediately thought...I could have fun with this." 

Noah found the idea tantalizing. So one night he invited a few friends over, dug the fog machine out of the garage, bought some dry ice, and went for it. The whole thing was shot over the span of a few hours. 

Noah noted, "A lot of people think it's stop motion. It's not though. The coolest thing about this video is that it's all live action. One friend controlled the 'back up dancers' and the other freestyled with the Sweeper. If you move it just right you can get the Sweeper to pop a wheelie."

It's hard to improve on Michael Jackson's classic Thriller music video, but adding Rokenbok to anything always adds to the fun. We wholeheartedly approve of Noah's creative handy work.

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