We came into the office this morning and someone had left us five orphaned FlokBots! They are so cute and we'd love to keep them...but our CEO said no. So we're holding an adoption!

To enter head to Facebook and TAG yourself as the FlokBot you'd like to adopt. Leave a comment why you like that FlokBot and are a good match. We'll announce a winner on Facebook, Twitter, and Our Blog.

Let us introduce the FlokBots so you can get to know them!

NAME: Zeezer

This FlokBot loves children and family comes first. He can't wait to start his own FlokBot family. Zeezer says his favorite Rokenbok Toy is the Power Sweeper because when the little FlokBots are done playing ball clean up's a breeze!


NAME: Flint

Flint is a super hyper little FlokBot. He says his favorite things in the world are Rokenbok, Spaghetti, and flying really fast. He's always jumping off the Tower of ROK Mania and broke his wing tumbling off it last Fall. Since then he's a teeny tiny bit more careful.

*Please only adopt Flint if you're great at handling high energy. 


NAME: Jojo and MeeMee

Jojo is still a baby FlokBot and spend a lot of time with mom. He loves ROK blocks because for his little wings they are so easy to put together. They'd like to be adopted together and MeeMee has more little FlokBots on the way. She's a wonderful mother but not a very good cook. She burns, overcooks, and in all ways destroys everything she touches but what she lacks in cooking she more than makes up in caring. 


NAME: Frizzle

Frizzle is a young enthusiastic FlokBot that loves to explore and have adventures. Ever since his mom got him the Monorail last year for his birthday the two have been inseperable. 


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