A lot of people don't realize how many awesome things their ROK Star Controller can do! Here are just a few of the hidden features!

1. Flash back and forth between vehicles, like the back button on your TV remote!

2. Use the "1" button for a siren.

3. Hold down the right forefinger button to enter slow mode for more precise turns.

4. Mute sounds by holding down the left forefinger button and hitting "B". Unmute with the same buttons.

5. Use the "2" button for a horn sound.

6. Restricted mode is great for little ones. They can't accidentally unconnect their vehicle, however this can only be used with one vehicle and one control pad. This mode simplifies the vehicles so that most of the special commands above will not work.

7. Put any vehicle on cruise control by holding the left forefinger button and hitting "X". The vehicle will now drive forward for 5 minutes.


8. Always use your Rokenbok Tool when you disassemble buildings! It will save your fingers, beams, and blocks.

9. Encourage kids to get creative and make their own Rokenbok signs, or download and print out the PDF of fun new signs we've created!

10. Use the "Y" button to spit the ROK Balls out of the Power Sweeper! The "X" button sucks the ROK Balls up.

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