Building toys from Rokenbok let children build their own ideas!

What makes a good building toy?  

Lots of images come to mind; a wooden block, an erector set, tinker toys, etc.  The fact is, all of these products are good for kids. But what are the best building toys? At Rokenbok, we’ve developed:

  • The best building toys that make it easy for children to build their own ideas.
  • Toys that are fun for parents too.

We spend a lot of time thinking about what makes the best building toy. The most famous and popular is LEGO, and we love them!  But they are all about modeling, following step-by-step plans to make a scale model.  

Rokenbok: A Different Kind of Building Toy

Rokenbok is different.  The goal of playing with Rokenbok is to have children learn how to best invent their own real, working buildings.  

They may start with the  Rokenbok construction toys - cathedral photoincluded plans, but soon kids move into their own experiments and creations. That’s why the remote control vehicles are so important; they are tough, precise real working equipment that give children the best reasons to create.  A bridge to drive across, a custom trailer to be towed, a loading dock where truck and monorail exchange cargo, a factory that receives, sorts, stores, and dispenses.

The Best Building Toy That's Fun for Children and Adults!

Creating the best construction toy system that is fun for children and adults is a sensible idea.  Scientific studies over many years have shown that the educational benefits of construction play and child/parent interaction are enormous (see our summary of the research here).  Rokenbok creates playtimes where fun and education overlap!

The Next Generation of Building Toys

It’s doubtful that many American children have grown up without playing with a construction set. These building toys are an important part of any toy box, and different building toys offer different experiences and learning. We believe Rokenbok building toys are the best construction system yet to allow children to invent their own ideas, and to get kids and parents the best chance of playing together.

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