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How do you make a better building block...

...and why would you want to make one?

Most American children have grown up playing with blocks; they continue to be a mainstay of preschools and kindergartens everywhere.  And for good reason...academic research shows that construction toys are really good for kids!  (See our summary of the research here)  Children that play with blocks grow up with better math and language skills, and are better problem solvers.

At Rokenbok, our goal is to make the world’s best construction toys. We thought long and hard about how to make a better preschool building block, blocks that would be played with by more children, more often, and for longer periods of time.  Here is what we came up with:

  • Really easy to use 
  • Builds fun models that inspire even more building
  • Fun for parents and older children too

Really Easy To Use

Young children hands are not very strong or well coordinated.  A really good interlocking block for a preschooler has to be self aligning and easy to push together.  That’s just what the funny-looking pyramid shaped cones on ROK Blocks do.  Get two blocks even close together, and the cones guide the blocks into perfect alignment.  Now, just a little squeeze, and the blocks snap together.    

Build Fun Models

A stacking block won’t hold a child’s attention for long if they can’t make something fun to play with.  That’s the problem with most preschool interlocking blocks; they’re molded in one piece to save cost and only stack up. ROK Blocks are molded in two separate pieces - and then ultrasonically welded together.  This allowed us to design blocks that stack both up and out in three dimensions and can be assembled in thousands more combinations than traditional blocks.  Wheeled vehicles, airplanes and helicopters, houses and other buildings are all easy to make.

Fun for Parents

If there is one thing that’s more beneficial to a child’s learning than any educational toy, it’s playing with their parents.  Research shows that child/parent play has manifold benefits.  Construction toys the inspire children and parents to play together make a lot of sense. Because ROK Blocks work with the full range of Rokenbok construction pieces, adults can build fun and sophisticated working toys with their children.  Some of our favorite ROK Blocks toys we’ve seen parents help build include a working wheel barrow, a car carrier tractor-trailer truck, a rescue helicopter, and a doll playhouse. 

On-going academic research in the classroom is proving that creating with ROK Blocks is easier, more fun, and more satisfying for children.  We know this helps them learn better and prepare for their future.  That’s why we are proud to have invented a better building block.

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