Skills and Confidence to Change the World

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See Like A Designer, Think Like An Engineer

We want to help every child have a better understanding of how the world works. We know that teaching children to see like designers and think like engineers gives them the skills and confidence to change the world. Rokenbok STEM Education ultimately leads to more students having the curiosity, desire, and persistence to choose careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Rokenbok Design and Engineering System

STEM-Maker Curriculum

Skills and Confidence to Change the World

From Building Blocks to Programmable Robotics

Blocks to Robotics

STEM Fundamentals Design & Engineering CAD & 3D Printing Robotics & Programming

Rokenbok is a single, continuous system of reusable materials carefully organized into Mobile STEM Labs. Students start with building blocks and, at each stage in their STEM journey, add new engineering elements and design challenges all the way through programmable robotics. Students start with fundamentals like how to make things strong and how to make things move. As students mature, they build on that foundation and explore: mechanical and structural engineering; Computer Aided Design and 3D Printing; the mechanical, programmable, and sensor driven aspects of robotics; and integrated STEM projects that explore professional design cycles.

Meet Our Mobile STEM Labs

Rokenbok Mobile STEM Labs are used across grade levels, moving easily from classroom to classroom, with curriculum available 24/7 for download from the K-12 STEM-Maker Curriculum Library. We often help Schools design a central Rokenbok Resource Center with a selection of Rokenbok Mobile STEM Labs to serve a wide range of grade levels and STEM subjects.

ROK Blocks 

Grades: K-5

STEM Fundamentals


Grades: 4-12

Design and engineering, CAD and 3D printing

Advanced Projects

Grades: 6-12

Project based STEM and deep parts resource

Basic Robotics

Grades: 3-12

Introduction to robotics and motorized mechanisms

Programmable Robotics

Grades: 6-12

Sensor-driven robotics and Arduino programming

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Transform Any Space Into A STEM or Robotics Lab

Each Rokenbok Mobile Lab features:

Team Modules

Easily detached and distributed to student teams of up to four students.

Mobile Base

Caster Wheel

Heavy duty casters and a small foot print make moving from classroom to classroom a breeze.

STEM-Maker Curriculum 

Download what you need, anytime you need it for your students and classroom.

A New Perspective On Curriculum

Rokenbok’s STEM-Maker Curriculum is an innovative approach combining foundational STEM content with the artistic “Design-Make-Play” approach used by experienced STEM educators. STEM-Maker curriculum emerged from collaboration with major research institutions and veteran STEM educators. At every grade-level, students gain both a deep comprehension of STEM content and accrue the hands-on experience needed to become creative problem solvers.

View the STEM-Maker Curriculum Library >

Teachers Come First

Rokenbok is mentored STEM education. Much of our work is focused on designing the training and resources that help teachers become confident STEM mentors. From block play to design competitions, and robotics design to integrated STEM projects, Rokenbok is there to help teachers mentor students in meaningful "Design-Make-Play" experiences.

A Wealth Of Online Teaching Resources

Download student assessment tools, rubrics, design challenges and more.

On-Site Or Virtual Trainings

Rokenbok Professionals can train teachers on-site or virtually.

Professional Development Videos

Watch any video in our library on your own time.

Meet Educational Standards & Your Standards Too

STEM-Maker Curriculum meets Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core Standards, & Standards for Technological Literacy. More importantly, it meets the standards teachers expect for fun and engaging curriculum that’s easy to implement.

See how our curriculum aligns with standards here.

Rokenbok Education is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation

Rokenbok Education’s Mission is to make STEM education:

 Fun and Meaningful For Students

 Easy For Teachers

 Cost Effective For Schools and Youth Programs   

Rokenbok charges for its products and training, however substantial subsidies are available for schools and youth programs serving underserved students – those from low income households, minorities, and girls.

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