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Rokenbok Education's mission is to help all school age children prepare for a lifetime of learning about science and technology.


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Teach Your Students to See Like Designers & Think Like Engineers

How? Start young, don't stop with easy and affordable project-based STEM for PK-12. Rokenbok is easily managed in the classroom and taught by general education teachers. The program includes: The Design & Engineering System, STEM-Maker Curriculum, and Professional Development. 


Design & Engineering System

Educational ToysMobile STEM Learning

Go Hands-On

STEM-Maker Curriculum 

Mobile STEM Learning

Explore a Lesson

Professional Development

Mobile STEM Learning

Teacher Resources



Mobile STEM Labs

Teach STEM through engineering. We are all born makers. Fun, hands-on engineering curriculum familiarizes children with the practices and crosscutting concepts that underpin all STEM learning.

Rokenbok media is delivered to the classroom in Mobile STEM Labs. A radical departure from project kits, Mobile STEM Labs span multiple grade levels and curriculum topics. Mobile STEM Labs are used with the free, PK-12 STEM-Maker Curriculum Library; teachers just download lesson plans, curriculum packets, student workbooks, and instructional videos on demand.

Collaborative. Each module supports 4 students.
Reusable. Carefully curated components are 100% reusable.
Small footprint. Takes up only 18" x 18". 


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Rokenbok provides small grants to subsidize the cost of Mobile STEM Labs for high need schools. Rokenbok can help design programs to leverage existing classroom resources.  

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Meet Our Mobile STEM Labs

Innovative breakthroughs in reusable engineering materials make project-based STEM education cost-effective for all schools and learning organizations. Mobile STEM Labs move easily from classroom to classroom on rolling bases, and turn any space into a STEM Lab, Maker Space, or Robotics Lab.

ROK Blocks Mobile STEM Lab

ROK Blocks

Mentored Construction Play
STEM Fundamentals

SnapStack Mobile STEM Lab


Design and Engineering
CAD and 3D Printing

Basic Robotics Mobile STEM Lab

Basic Robotics

Introduction to Robotics
Motorized Mechanisms

Programmable Robotics Mobile STEM Lab

Engineering Pathways

Sensor-Driven Robotics
Arduino Programming

Advanced Projects Mobile STEM Lab

Advanced Projects

Project-Based STEM
Deep Parts Resource



STEM-Maker Curriculum 

Rokenbok STEM-Maker Curriculum is a free, comprehensive, on-line library of applied engineering lessons. Teachers download lesson plans, curriculum packets, student workbooks, design competitions, video tutorials, and performance rubrics on demand from the Rokenbok website. Hands-on, content rich learning uses project challenges to promote problem solving and creative design thinking.   This progression includes four major phases and learning outcomes, and each phase consists of multiple 9-11 hour units of instruction:

Mentored Construction Play

Setting a Foundation in STEM: Young students need foundational STEM fluencies to prepare them for ongoing STEM learning. These fluencies include symbolization, spatial orientation, symmetry, sequence, correspondence, classification and comparison, and logical reasoning. While many students learn these fluencies at home, Mentored Construction Play fills in these critical fluencies for underserved students.

STEM Fundamentals

See Like a Designer and Think Like an Engineer: Students experience convergent and divergent STEM explorations, and learn scientific and engineering processes in applying technology. The focus of explorations are on intuitive concepts, like how to make things strong and how to make things move. These experiences give students confidence in their ability to learn technical skills and to use technology in solutions of their own design.

design and engineering curriculum

Applications in Design & Engineering

Applying Non-intuitive Concepts to Problem Solving: Non-intuitive STEM concepts are explored through applications in structural and mechanical engineering, and remote control robotics. Students gain comprehension of challenging STEM concepts that they can see at work in the world all around them. Students use these concepts to create their own solutions to real-world problems.

robotics STEM curriculum

Systems of Technology

Skills and Confidence to Persist in STEM: Students learn and explore how to integrate different systems of technology with the Rokenbok system. Explorations include mechanical and structural engineering, computer aided design, coding, programmable robotics, and interaction design. These experiences lead to more students having the curiosity, desire, and confidence to persist in secondary and post-secondary STEM studies, and to seek STEM careers.



Professional Development

Become a Confident STEM Mentor

Rokenbok Education offers professional development. Teaching STEM can be intimidating. Rokenbok Education is here to help. Our Professional Development helps teachers develop the knowledge, skill and confidence they need to become effective STEM mentors.

Rokenbok Education offers virtual trainings, live webinars and in-person trainings.

During these sessions educators will learn how to:

  • Familiarity with the engineering components
  • Structure & function of the curriculum
  • Specific lesson familiarity
  • Review of program and materials
  • Create your own lessons

About Rokenbok Education

Rokenbok Education is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. At Rokenbok Education, we believe all students can learn to see like designers and think like engineers. We partner with educators to prepare school-age children for lifelong STEM learning. Rokenbok’s STEM education programs level the playing field for under-represented children by providing deep, project-based learning for all students; making STEM easier for educators to teach; and offering highly cost-effective solutions for schools and youth programs.

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